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Playlist 17.02.2018

Souterrain BizarrePosted by Hollow Skies Tue, February 20, 2018 19:56:08

Souterrain Bizarre Playlist vom 17.02.18. Der Soundtrack zu einem wunderbaren Abend :-) Wir haben uns sehr über die tollen Gäste, die schöne Stimmung gefreut und das ihr soviel Spass hattet , soviel getanzt habt (bis zum Ende des Raumes....)
Vielen Dank!.... bis bald in Bremen , wenn ihr mögt!

Playlist Souterrain Bizarre 17.02.18 , Bei Chéz Heinz Hannover

Desaster Area

Mona Mur - Ein Bisschen Frieden
The 69 Eyes - Graveland
Swans - Sex God Sex
Shock Therapy - I am the Disease
Björn Peng - Discoziative Identitätssörung
Gry feat FM Einheit - Pop
Bordes - Mirador
Iggy pop - Life of Work
Belgrado - Clockwise
Frustration - Wait
Pierre & Bastien - Accessoire
Wipers - Tragedy

Hollow Skies

ISOTROPÍA - Personality Disorder
un homme et une femme - Cosmopolis
Genevieve Pasquier - Bouge!
Selofan - Plastic People
Bettina Koster - Flagging
ZNS - Vorwärts...Jetzt!
Das Flug - die verwandlung der welt


Kælan Mikla - Sýnir
Police Des Moeurs - Première neige
Traitrs - Speak in Tongues
The Foreign Resort - Dead End Roads
Hante. - Nous ne Ferons qu'Un
Mala Herba - Rusalki
Opera Multi Steel - Les Sens (New Version 2017)
Holygram - Still There
Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos

Desaster Area

Type O Negative - My Girlfriends Girlfriend *
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of love
Peaches - Convincing People
Strasbourg - Galope
Charles de Goal - Passion Eternite
The Primitives - Lazy
Slaves - Ninety Nine

Hollow Skies

The Last Days Of Jesus/ Isotropiy- JokersAid/ Havoc
KatzKab - New vision
Kas Product - Never Come Back
Plomb - Crazy Monkeys
Get Synchronized - Fibredream
FRUSTRATION - "we have some..."


Alien Sex Fiend - Dead and Buried (12 Inch Version)
Magazine - Because You're Frightened
Lebanon Hanover - Albatross
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Knights*
Little Nemo - New Flood
Ash Code - I Can't Escape Myself(The Sound Cover)
Drab Majesty - Cold Souls
Lords of the New Church - Dance With Me

Desaster Area

Invincible Spirit - The Accomplishment
Diktatur - The Harm
Velvet Condom - Samt und Stein
Adult. - Nite Life
BOO - Live Rail (Jan Doyle rmx)
Violent Quand on Aime - I'm Gotik
The Ramones - Pinhead

Hollow Skies

Einstürzende Neubauten - Lets Do It A Dada
Haus Arafna - "Heart Beats Blood Flows"
CHELSEA WOLFE - Carrion Flowers
Turtle III Recal / Nattstaden (Hollow Skies Mashup)
Whispering Sons - Wall


Sonic Jesus - Triumph
The Soft Moon - It Kills
Then Comes Silence - Warm Like Blood
Detachments - Audio/Video
Sally Dige - Holding On
Velvet Kills - That Joke
Martial Canterel - Giving Up
Ministry - I'm Falling
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - City Of Refuge*

Desaster Area

The Cult - Spirit Walker
Suicide - Ghostrider
Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes W
Voodoo Jürgens - Heite grob ma Tote aus
The Cure - Subway song

Hollow Skies

The Rope - Water To Wine
Principe Valiente - The Night*
Blind Delon - Assassin
Stockhausen - "Heim"-ft. Sólveig Matthildur
Boy Harsher - Lust
SUIR - White Spheres*
Herz Jühning - anorexia
Dive - Blood Money
Buzz Kull - Dreams

Hollow Skies
Pascow - Low Profile Job

Desaster Area
Ze Mamut Orkestra - Scié

Hollow Skies
Einstürzende Neubauten - Weil Weil Weil

Desaster Area
MGMt - Little Dark Age

Hollow Skies
Tubeway Army - Me! I Disconnect From You*

Desaster Area
Subut Ex - Les Filles des Magazines

Hollow Skies
Bjork vs The Cure - A Hidden Forest (mashup)

Desaster Area
Joy Division - Disorder

Hollow Skies
Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk*

Desaster Area
Peaches - Tombstone Baby

Hollow Skies
Frustration - No Trouble

Rosi - Schwarzer Kaffee

Desaster Area
Gurr - Walnuss

Hollow Skies
The Exploding boy - Here Comes Rain

This Parade - Erotica (Love In An Original Way)

Desaster Area
Cortex - The Freaks

Stricher - Morgen

Hollow Skies

Indochine - L´Aventurier*

Desaster Area
Noir Desir - L'Appartement

Hollow Skies
Pascow - Merkel-Jugend

Niki Mono & Berry Sakharof - Dancing Barefoot

Desaster Area
Portishead - SOS
The Vaccines - The Winner takes it all

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